Senior Class Pictures

Your Senior Class Picture

Who doesn’t remember their senior year in high school ?

Finally you have arrived at the pentacle of transforming from a teenager into a young adult.
It is a year of great diversity involving friendships, interests, social events, sports, independence, travel, and so many introductions into a wide venue of life experiences.
A senior class picture must preserve the excitement and all of the aspects that contribute to the total experience of being a senior .

I approach a senior picture by interviewing you, finding out what is most important to you in your senior year, your friends, places you love to go, things that excite you, and that you want to always remember.
I try to bring the vitality and anticipation of your youth into the images that will forever represent this unique and exciting time in your life.

Photographing your senior picture is all about YOU, and how you want to remember this special season .
Every senior portrait shooting is designed solely for your own unique personality. Every aspect of the shoot will attempt
to represent your total experience of being a senior.
Also, with an extensive background in fashion and beauty, I use talented hair and make up artists to amplify your own desire to be vibrantly beautiful , youthful, and with all of the glow of being who you are in your senior year.

This is a great time in your life, full of joy, expectations, and shooting your senior picture should be a fun experience with the same exact emotion.

I want you to always look back at these pictures and have an immediate impression of who you were at this time.
and all the things that made it so special.