There comes a point in life where we blossom into our full accomplished self. It is important to embrace this moment with a legacy portrait that will preserve the authenticity of your unique life throughout the course of your family’s history.
A legacy portrait becomes a heirloom to your family , that will carry your life's story through imagery, into future generations.

When I approach a legacy portrait I do a preliminary interview withthe person being photographed, and try to establish a collage of intricate artifacts that compose the things that are most valued in this persons life, and then incorporate those things into the photograph where they will forever be in unison with their persona.These things may involve a family member,another person, a special place, books, jewelry, art, pets, photographs, or articles handed down through generations that have an intimate value to their life.

A legacy portrait gives one an opportunity to bring all the important aspects of their life into one grand photograph that will forever echo the character, sentiment, and accomplishments that they desire to reflect their essential self.

Every life should be remembered and reflected in its full spectrum.
To miss an opportunity to record such a moment, is truly a loss, not just for yourself,
but for those who will remember you.