Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

I have spent my entire twenty five year career shooting fashion and beauty for major advertising clients and designers .
I've worked for every prominent fashion designer or retail client in San Francisco., and many nationally.
My experience shooting catalogues, magazine ads,newspapers ads, cosmetic beauty, hair product, fashion accessories,designer branding, thousands portfolios, and every aspect of fashion and beauty advertising far exceeds any other photographer in the North Bay.

My experience has gifted me with exceptional technical abilities and an intuitive expertise that enables me to draw
the nearly famous self out of anyone I photograph.
My intention is to bring to the surface the most profoundly unique beauty that is embedded in who I am photographing.
I have come to acquire a keen sense of psychological empathy involved in shooting beauty, one where I understand the
deep desire for one to see themselves transform from their interior sense of who they are into an image they can hold n their hand and show the world.

Beauty has been my life's passion, and I strive to always represent that emotion in my work.
I am offering my services on a more regional level now because of the growing interest in modeling in this area, the extended
number of towns and cities that provide a very strong potentiality for modeling,
and my desire to work closer to my home and family after years of traveling a far and commuting to San Francisco.

I use the best professional hair&make up artists when shooting beauty for clients and individual portfolio needs.

I now have a studio located in Petaluma, which gives those from the North Bay easier access to shooting their professional beauty & fashion portfolio within a more convenient traveling range..