Professional Headshots

Professional head shots are an essential element for promoting and representing oneself in their line of profession.

I have photographed every aspect of professionals from doctors, CEO’s, dancers,bankers, singers, professors, musical composers, lawyers, judges, artists, authors, dentists, realtors, actors, and thousands of models.
My entire career of twenty five years has involved shooting fashion and beauty at the highest level, and allowed me to acquire aesthetic skills that are absolutely beneficial to anyone I photograph.

When approaching shooting a professional head shot I take into consideration
the objective of who I'm shooting and their expectations for the total impact of their image.
It is essential that I bring forth a full range of their confidence, approachability, temperament, empathy, stature, vitality, creativity, and so many other attributes that represent the visual persona of who they are.

I understand the importance and depth that their head shot is to them, and also try to comprehend where they are sending it and what they hope to achieve.

There is a great deal of psychology attached to shooting a professional head shot. It is necessary to visualize the total spectrum of who Im shooting, and how they want to be seen in their profession by others.

When all these elements merge together in unison, the result is a professional head shot that is a total representation of who I am photographing.
My goal is to always bring fourth the most authentic self of the person who I am shooting.