Family and Heirloom

Can there be anything more important in life than family ?
Of everything we do in our lives, the one thing that we are all connected to is family.
Photographing family for me is an opportunity to play the role of a historian, because I understand immediately that the only way to preserve the sacred memories of what we experience in the family, is to record those events in pictures.
Time passes so swiftly, and lifetime as well, and peoples lives go
from children to adults to grandparents in a matter of decades.

The greatest gift in technological history relating to family has been the camera.
Here is one magical instrument that can actually stop time, and record moments that would otherwise vanish.
The one thing you find in any family history are heirloom photographs, that have traveled through time and allowed generations to see the roots of their family history.

Photographing a family requires a sentiment of historical appreciation as well as technological skill.
What is being recorded are vital relationships between loved ones, and it is essential to bring what is unique in those relationships to the surface, and preserve it historically through heirloom photographs.

Modern technology has provided a convenient access to the camera. often giving the misconception that anyone can shoot family pictures and just tack them on the refrigerator for all to see.
But this is a sad representation not preserving family history, nor applying the aesthetic dignity and respect something so intrinsic deserves.

Your family portrait, and all the portraits of your family members, should be photographed with a keen intuitive sensitivity of what is being preserved and recorded in the event taking place.
Every child, parent, or grandparent, should be photographed with a full awareness of what makes that person unique, and how that can be transformed into images.

I approach every aspect of shooting family portraits as if I were shooting my own family. I compose each image with the intent to represent the unique character of everyone involved, and their intimate relationship with each other.
I try to bring forth the magic of children, the vibrancy of youth, the depth of a parents love for their children and each other.

It is extremely satisfying for me to present beautiful family portraits that result in such
deep appreciation and gratitude from families that I have given a dignified and aesthetically
personal history to through my images..