For twenty five years I have been involved with an illustrious career
shooting every aspect of advertising through fashion and beauty .
I have worked with hundreds of clients including art directors, graphic designers, ad agencies,
corporate in house advertising, fashion designers, cosmetic companies, hair companies, jewelry & fashion
accessories, and almost any facet of advertising that exists.
I have shot for major news paper ads, fashion catalogues, magazine ads, clothing tags, branding images,
billboards, and all other aspects of media through photographic imagery.

I am familiar with all aspects relating to the realm of advertising.
I have vast experience budgeting big jobs, booking models & working with agencies, usage contracts,
traveling arrangements, location crews , post production technical skills, photoshop expertise,
and any other necessity relating to an advertising campaign.

I have always maintained an impeccable reputation with my clients, as I conduct my work
with the most professional application of all my capabilities towards the
absolute goal that whatever I do on any given assignment must be unique, technically superb,
be a success for my client, and most of all represent my own highest standards.

I approach every job with deep enthusiasm and with great intent to surpass the expectations of my client